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2013 intros


    ANGRY BIRDSANGRY BIRDSt09R-1 Metabelle Beth x Remembering Joan 5 1/2” 36” tall dor tet Rich carmine & burgundy blend, edged in gold and white with a huge green throat fading to a red/pink watermark etched in dark burgundy wide 4 way branching display blooms without crowding sun fast, very fertile both ways. Beautiful clean crisp colors that have held up incredibly well in the heat and humidity. $125

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    t07D Rainbow Fantasy x seedling 61/2” diameter 36” tall popcorn Yellow with violet burgundy broken pattern eye. And unique Chevron patterned sepals. In hot Weather the pattern tends to be Multi layered colors with feathered etched edges, in cold weather The color layers separate and form wild geometric patterns. Tall stately and a unique specimen plant, very interesting garden effect. Easily fertile both ways. $100

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    T04am (Just Another Yellow x Concrete Blond) Gilded Shadows 6 1/2” 27” tall huge cream and peach poly chrome with green throat that radiates up into an eye pattern. Gentle pleating on the petals, elegant ruffles and a small gold edge enhance the overall elegance of this glowing garden spot. $100

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    T07F Rainbow Fantasy x Paha Sapa Thundercloud big 6” diameter 26” tall tet dormant. pink beige with huge green throat that explodes over the face and breaks into a kaleidoscope of colors forming chevrons on both petals and sepals. This pattern is huge and imposing and a real breakthrough for dormant large patterned tets. Very fertile both ways and throwing great broken pattern kids. LIMITEd $200

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    MISBEHAVINMISBEHAVINMISBEHAVIN 4 1/4" dia 27" tall dormant diploid 18 to 20 buds PARTY PINAFORE X WAXEN WONDER. Very clear violet petals edged in cream pink with matching mid rib wonderful deep green throat etched in a small grey/lavender and white patterned eye. I love bi-tones and this is about as pretty as they come with clear almost pure white sepals. Pollen sterile and pod difficult. I have set seeds on this one but it takes some dedication. Misbehavin will always have a place in my garden due to it unique graceful presence and sheer beauty. $75

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    T07T Captain Jack x Dreamcatcher 6 1/2” 40” tall dormant tet. Heavily ruffled lavender violet edged in white lavender. A pretty bi-tone with sepals a slightly lighter shade than petals. Smokey slate blue eye zone that matches the midrib and coupled with the lighter colored midribs give it a pinwheel effect. Fertile both ways.$125

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