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2000 Intros

  • Apostle of Hope

    Apostle of Hope

    (Schaben G 2000) Tet t95B3 (Admirals Braid x Angel's Smile) 26" M 5" Dor. A very special near white with nice 4 way branching and 20 to 25 buds This was a very special breeding that bloomed for the 1st time on Easter Sunday in the green House. The radiating yellow /green water mark gives it the appearance of a crystal pure white when actually it has a very pale pink blush. A wonderful bright and happy garden companion it is also my most powerful parent. Fertile both ways it throws big edges in an array of colors and unique eye patterns I have not bred it to whites because irregardless of how it photographs or appears it is not really that white but maybe that is a direction that should be explored..................................................$25 DF

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  • Debbie's Vows

    Debbie's Vows

    Debbie's Vows (Schaben G 2000) Tet t94R6 (Angel's Smile x Something Wonderful) 28" Emre 5" Dor. Selected on its maiden bloom by our brand new daughter to honor her marriage with our oldest son this cream pink ringed in gold has a very special significance. Fine wide 4 way branches with 25 to 30 buds per scape. Debbie's Vows has an exceptionally long blooming period and is one of the strongest re-bloomer that we grow. A great addition to the northern garden and very fertile both ways. Debbie's Vows is a powerful parent for northern hardy and well branched vigorous seedlings as a bonus. Debbie's Vowstends to throw bold edges without an eye.............$15

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  • Bully

    Grammar School Bully

    Grammar School Bully (Schaben G 2000) Tet t94s5 (Daring Dilemma x Angel's Smile)Grammar School Bully is named for that wonderful Violet red color and great black eye. It is wide open when I would go to work in the morning at 5:00 AM and still just as wide open when we would go in at 10:00 PM, I have never seen it wither so that must happen sometime between 10 and 5 at any rate you get your money's worth on this "day" lily. Great 4 and 5 way branching with only a modest 20 buds very well spaced Grammar School Bully is also unique in that it never slicks, It will fade steadily all day long from its rich violet to a pale rose on really hot days but always pretty ............................................... $15 DF

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