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2001 Intros

  • Minnesota Morning

    Minnesota Morning

    (Schaben 01) TET T94R-2 (Something Wonderful x Angel’s Smile) 30" M Dor 5 ¼" Peach Pink Polychrome with fine gold edge. Like a crisp, clear Minnesota morning the pristine blending of colors that occur in the final moments before the breaking of dawn is the inspiration for the naming of our own MINNESOTA MORNING. The clear delicate nature of the colors and the tasteful aurora of the gold edge give you the illusion of something incredibly delicate but make no mistake about it, MINNESOTA MORNING is tough. Hardy and vigorous in the coldest climates and a bloom that holds well in the hottest most humid days of summer. A full sibling to our 1st introduction DEBBIE’S VOWS, MINNESOTA MORNING is a star in its own right. Great 4 way branching, A bud count of 30 and wonderful vigor make MINNESOTA MORNING a spectacular cool addition to the garden. Fertile both ways. …………………………...$15 DF

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  • North Wind Dancer

    North Wind Dancer

    (Schaben 01) Dip D95x-2 (Lola Branham x seedling) 42" L Dor Fr 71/2" Pink/Lavender cascading variant 3.4 to 1 ratio but has 11" to 12" wing span. NORTH WIND DANCER is almost impossible to photograph, the rigid scapes have very wide 3-4 way branching allowing the big blooms to catch wind and "dance" at the slightest air movement. NORTH WIND DANCER is also a bud builder and while I have never been able to count more than 35 buds per scape at one time, every spent scape this fall has had over 45 bloom scars. Both petals and sepals twist and curl gracefully, regardless of the substance that would belie this ability. Interestingly this genetic disposition to twist and curl extends to the foliage as well. A clump of NORTH WIND DANCER is absolutely stunning with the rich green foliage and each leaf displaying unusual deep scalloped ruffles along the edges and the tips twist and curl in a jealous copy of the blooms. If exploited, I believe this trait could become wild and garish, but on NORTH WIND DANCER it adds to its overall graceful presence. This is an introduction I am very proud of, it is fertile both ways, northern hardy, great plant habit, a clear cool color that blends in any setting, and a spectacular graceful bloom.
    SOLD OUT FOR 2010

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  • North Wind Drifter

    North Wind Drifter

    (Schaben 01) Dip D95x-1 (Lola Branham x seedling) 44" M Dor 81/2" Pink/Lavender. As a boy I spent many a happy fall afternoon exploring small streams and ponds around my home. The crisp fall air and warm afternoon sun was always a great invitation to lay out underneath my favorite tree to watch the clouds form familiar figures and drift by. It was also an invitation to watch the small spiders that either gathered or hatched out on that tree every year spin their tiny webs and wait for a gust of wind to pick them up off of that tree and carry them aloft towards adventure and a new home. They would spread their legs wide and their little webs acted like para-sails and lifted them high in the sky. Like the tiny spiders I remember, NORTH WIND DRIFTER reaches wide and grabs the wind as if to fly off to exotic lands. A full sibling to the amazing NORTH WIND DANCER the two are remarkably alike and still completely different. NORTH WIND DRIFTER is a little more to the lavender side of pink and although it measures larger than the Dancer its segments are actually smaller. Its segments ruffle gracefully and the sepals twist and curl but the petals are more pinched and stiff like the legs of the little spiders. Three way branching and 20 to 25 buds it is a bud builder like its famous sibling. The foliage tends to twist and curl but not as pronounced as NORTH WIND DANCER. This is a magnificent garden flower with great presence and a cool color that transitions well between the hot reds and yellows to the softer pinks and creams. Very rigid scapes that have never fallen over and fertile both ways.………………………..$15DF

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  • Remembering Joan

    Remembering Joan

    (Schaben 01) Tet t96j2 (Tupak Amaru x (Angels Smile x Secret Splendor)) 28" M EV 6" A rich violet purple with a rose watermark blending out of a shocking green throat. The understated fine white edge frames the richly colored blooms to give them a real eye catching appeal. This is one of the finest cultivars that I grow. Very winter hardy and a consistent garden performer. Wide 4 way branching that holds multiple blooms without crowding and 25 to 30 buds per scape. Fertile both ways and my most exciting parent to date. REMEMBERING JOAN is named in remembrance of a generous region 1 contributor and a dear, dear friend who was taken from us way to early. $25

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