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2002 Intros

  • Bonnie Breenie

    Bonnie Breenie

    (Minnesota Morning x Elegant Candy) 30" M 4 ¾" fr dor. Hot Pink bi-tone with a lipstick eyezone above a green throat and a tiny gold edge. Fertile both ways.


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  • Emma's Song

    Emma's Song

    (Schaben – Rice 02)

    [(Something Wonderful x Angel’s Smile) x Ocean Rain] 5 ½" 26" dor M

    In the garden this elegantly, ruffled beauty gives the illusion of something delicate like a porcelain sculpture but make no mistake Emma’s Song is tough and northern hardy. The lemon watermark contributed by grandparent Angel’s Smile makes the cream white flower appear whiter and more intense than it really is. Emma’s Song’s most striking feature is the lavender/pink edging that encircles both petals and sepals. Named to honor my mother this is a very special daylily. Emma’s song makes rather small plants but it is incredibly vigorous and clumps quickly. Fertile both ways and a powerful parent. $15

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  • Paha Sapa Thundercloud

    Paha Sapa Thundercloud

    Schaben 02) TET t94ap (Mountain Majesty x Debbie's Vows) 27" EM DOR 5". 3 TO 4 way branching 22 buds. Due to the influence of my very first introduction, DEBBIE'S VOWS, I bloom many bi-tone seedlings. PAHA SAPA THUNDERCLOUD is undoubtedly the prettiest bi-tone that I grow. This unique rich purple with lavender sepals holds many fascinating secrets. Like the sacred Paha Sapa that it was named for, PAHA SAPA THUNDERCLOUD is beautiful, mysterious and generous. The wonderful rich color and lovely graceful form are THUNDERCLOUD'S obvious charms but look again and notice the sultry mysterious eye pattern and you begin to realize that there is another dimension to this beauty. Looking back through the pedigree I can certainly see the gossamer images of THUNDERCLOUD'S ancestors but where did this sultry exotic broken eye pattern come from? Generous in giving up its genetic charms PAHA SAPA THUNDERCLOUD is a spectacular parent for purples and most exciting, is a great parent for dormants with patterned eye zones. Vigorous and hardy I think THUNDERCLOUD could grow on an ice cube and it imparts that trait to its seedlings. Fertile both ways. ………………………..$25

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  • Surfing on the Styx

    Surfing On The Styx

    Schaben 02) TET T95V1 (TETRA EXOTIC ECHO X FLAMEBURST) 26" EM DOR 4". 4 way branching 30 buds. This has been the most fascinating seedling I think I have ever grown. A small flower on a small plant but amazingly vigorous and the smoky sultry black eye zone broken up with a white pattern against the dark rose red petal color is absolutely mesmerizing . Like some sort of botanical phsyco ink blotch test I have often felt that SURFIN was indeed analyzing and evaluating me instead of the other way around. So vigorous I have jokingly said that I needed to hold back nitrogen on it as I was afraid it may develop a taste for fresh meat. Beautiful and exotic it is another valuable asset in the quest for really dramatic patterned eyes in dormant daylilies. Very fertile both ways the seedlings coming from SURFING ON THE STYX are simply amazing. We have several under evaluation for introduction. Watch for CIERA MARIE, a lovely 6" orchid pink with stocky wide branches and an eye pattern that is as hypnotic as watching ripples on the water. Available 2003. SURFING ON THE STYX is a happy garden flower as well as an important parent for dormant patterned eyes. $15 DF

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  • Sweet Sammy

    Sweet Sammie

    (Minnesota Morning x Elegant Candy) 32" M 4 ¾"fr dor. Sugar peach bi-tone with a light baby ribbon pink blush, rose eye above a green throat and an elegant gold edge. Fertile both ways.

    SOLD OUT FOR 2010

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