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2003 Intros

  • Harlow


    (Schaben 03) TET T97DJ4 (SILVERSMITH X (WHITE ZONE X DEBBIES VOWS )) 32" MRe SEV 6" If unique is what you seek then HARLOW will certainly suite your fancy. I would have loved to name this one Platinum Pink as that is the only way to adequately describe the color. HARLOW'S unique genetics have resulted in this silver/white/lavender base color with clear baby ribbon pink overlay, the lime green throat, delicate gold edge and sparkling diamond dusting set off this spectacularly beautiful daylily. Tall, sturdy, scapes and a modest bud count of 25, this is a very robust plant with healthy dark green foliage. As a gardener I admit that I have used this big cool pastel lavender to brighten a darker section of my seedling display bed but as a hybridizer HARLOW tends to keep me up nights wondering what possibilities this amazing color will unlock down the road. Fertile both ways SOLD OUT FOR 2010

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  • Klondike Kate

    Klondike Kate

    Schaben 03) TET T95B3 ((TETRA BARBARA MITCHELL X SEEDLING)X DEBBIE'S VOWS) 32" M DOR 6". 4 way branching 30 buds. Bold, bawdy, and beautiful this graceful sweetheart of the north epitomizes how tough daylilies can be. A Clear medium pink with graceful looping ruffles, rolled back form and massive green throat KLONDIKE KATE is a steady dependable preformer in all conditions.Fertile both ways but a better pollen parent KLONDIKE KATE imparts its northern vigor onto its seedlings. I suspect that the ever-present gold edge will be much more pronounced in warmer climates but up here the massive scapes and woderful warm color are the hallmarks of this northern beauty $25 DF

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  • Moon Dog

    Moon Dog

    (Schaben 03) TET T98CZ (GRAMMAR SCHOOL BULLY X REMEMBERING JOAN ) 29" MRe DOR 5" During a full moon in the subzero nights of the north, ice crystals form and hang suspended, reflecting the moonlight as great white rings against a black sky. We have always referred to these as moon dogs and what an appropriate name for this richly colored daylily with the bright white halo. I have been in love with this dark beauty since its first bloom. MOON DOG represents a perfect blending of the best characteristics of two of my best parents. Four way branching and a nicely spaced bud count of 28. Astoundingly sunfast the color is a deep purple burgundy with a radiating black eye that is more prominent in photographs than in the flesh, this is an introduction we are very proud of. Very fertile both ways and one of our most used parents. $30 DF

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  • Shy Ellen

    Shy Ellen

    (Schaben 03) TET T96N (BE THINE X (SECRET SPLENDOR X ANGEL'S SMILE )) 28" MRe DOR 6" 4 way branching, 30 buds, and absolutely the prettiest pink I grow. SHY ELLEN is a 1/2 sib to our previously introduced REMEMBERING JOAN and has shown a similar distinction in plant habit and bloom presentaion. Displaying one of the largest gold edges that I can grow here in the far north I suspect that in warmer climates that edge will become extremely ornate. There are so many features of this northern hardy treasure that it is hard to single out a favorite but the pristine pink color has to be on top of the list. I grow a lot of pinks and SHY ELLEN is one of the best, she has what I consider a true pink. If there is a fault on this daylily for me it would have to be in that it is short for my taste. Definately a border plant only growing to 28" stepping on its tip toes it still displays its blooms on uncrowded scapes nicely above the foliage fertile both ways and an important parent for distinctive pinks in the north. SOLD OUT FOR 2010

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  • The Dyed Moon

    Tie Dyed Moon

    (Becker-Schaben 03) TET JT99e6 (Batman X Forever Island) 29" MRe EV 6" We are so proud to feature this magnificent creation this year. The very first introduction of my young nephew John Becker, TIE DYED MOON has been exciting and spectacular since its maiden bloom. Truly outstanding with great branching and bud count TDM is vigorous and northern hardy despite its evergreen breeding. The cross itself is a little departure from our normal approach but after a visit to Minnesota, Mathew Kaskell sent a piece of BATMAN with the specific instructions for John to use it for breeding patterned eyes. Normally we would have crossed this into our very dormant lines but John elected to use Mort Morss' incredibly vigorous and hardy evergreen FOREVER ISLAND, what a fortuitous cross indeed. I am sure TIE DYED MOON will perform much better in warmer climates than Minnesota but never-the-less it is still a very important breeder for us and wonderful specimen for our display garden. TDM is a great opener even with our extremely cool evenings but tends not to have the wonderful full rolled back form during colder weather. Amazingly the spectacular pattern that covers the face of this rare beauty does not seem to be affected by temperature which is its most exciting feature. TIE DYED MOON is quickly becoming the corner stone of our patterned eye breeding program. Ridiculously fertile both ways SOLD OUT FOR 2010

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