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2005 Intros

  • Dream Catcher1

    Dream Catcher

    Paha Sapa Dreamcatcher. (Schaben 2005) Tet T99CN4 ( Paha Sapa Thundercloud x Gerda Brooker) 30" M 6 Dor. My first introduction from the very dormant Paha Sapa line, very elegant, very beautiful and very mysterious. Always a good opener, always well branched, always a bold triple edge and radiating eye but tends to want to change colors dramatically depending soil and temperature. I have seen this eye so blue it will take your breath away with lavender cream petals and then I have seen it pink/peach with red violet edging and more of a purple eye, sure wish it would stay blue but that tends to come with cooler temperatures I think, or it could be that it just has an attitude. Regardless of what color or mood it is in it is very striking and beautiful and a powerful parent for very large, dormant, elegantly formed patterned eyes. fertile both ways…………………$25 DF

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  • Honalee


    (Schaben 2005) Tet T97AZ ( Tupak Amaru x (Island Calm x Debbie’s Vows)) 32" M 6" Dor. Raspberry self with small gold edge. Honalee is a great northern garden performer and it has been a corner stone in my breeding program for quite sometime, using its wonderful hardiness, warm raspberry color and great plant habit to develop a line of very hardy reds and purples. The Raspberry color on wide segments with clean simple form on sturdy, well branched scapes make Honalee a carefree garden companion. Very fertile both ways…………………$15 DF

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  • Meta Belle2


    (Schaben 2005) Tet T98BT ( (Ben Adams x Chance Encounter) x (Hagerstrom red seedling x Ever So Ruffled)) 30" M 5 1/2" Dor. Pretty buttermilk with pink blush polychrome and a shockingly green throat. My first granddaughter stopped by on her 6 month birthday and as it was bloom season we talked about daylilies. I told her I would like to name one to honor her arrival and she said “How about this on Granpappy” Well I was shocked, she has GREAT taste in daylilies. This has been a very special seedling to me for some time, first it traces its parentage back to my mentor Marion Hagerstrom and secondly it is a spectacular hardy garden flower with a high bud count of 35 to 42, gorgeous elegant form and bright clear color. It has always grown right along the walk path in my selected bed and although I have bred with it from time to time I have always enjoyed it too much to break up and introduce. It’s funny what a granddaughter can talk you into. Very fertile both ways…………$30 DF

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  • North Wind Billet Doux

    Northwind Billet Doux

    (Schaben G 2005) Dip D99D2 (Indian Giver x North Wind Dancer) 28" M 5" Dor. A very special unique narrow form. Gracefully ruffled violet lavender with pale lavender edge and patterned eye of gray, lavender and blue over chartreuse throat and green heart. This is just a lovely flower with modest 3 way branching and a bud count of 17 but very floriferous sending up a multitude of scapes and an incredibly fast clumper.
    I have always wanted to use the name Billet Doux (Love Letter) for a daylily so after our good friend and daylily devotee Kyle Billadeau personally selected this graceful beauty from our evaluation beds I thought it to be a very appropriate name on many levels. It is indeed a beautiful letter of love. Fertile, and an important parent in our quest for tiny spidery daylilies. $35

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  • Rainbow Fantasy

    Rainbow Fantasy

    (Schaben 2005) Tet T98KC2 ( King Boreas x (Tet Siloam Gumdrop x Angel’s Smile)) 30" M 5 ½” Dor. The prettiest Bi-Tone that I grow ! Soft peach pink petals with cream and gold on elegantly ruffled edging, soft cream peach sepals and huge yellow/chartreuse eye-zone etched with a faded rose. This was another planned breeding that gave me something much different and better than I planned. Hoping to exploit the patterned eye on a dark red flower with the elegance and plant habit of the Angel’s Smile seedling I got none of the rich color or the patterned eye but what a wonderful pastel beauty RAINBOW FANTASY is. Great 4 and 5 way branching with 30 well spaced buds and breeding dormant seedling with wonderful plant habits and some interesting patterns showing up in the 2nd generation. I am convinced that RAINBOW FANTASY will be the parent of a very refined, elegantly ruffled daylily with a patterned eye. Very fertile both ways…………………$25 DF

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