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2006 Intros

  • Ciara Marie (T98IL) Tetraploid

    Ciara Marie

    28" Tall, 5 1/2" diameter, M, dormant, violet lavender with a patterned eye over a deep green throat. A tiny, bright silver edge and heavy diamond dusting accents the unique color. Very well branched and high bud count, CIARA MARIE is rapidly becoming a corner stone of my breeding for dormant patterned eyes. Very fertile both ways. (SURFING ON THE STYX X MAGNIFICENT RAINBOW) $25 DF

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  • Dashing Paramour (T98ED) Tetraploid

    Dashing Paramour

    30" Tall, 6" diameter, M, dormant rose with a radiating chartreuse eye, very ruffled rolled back form. This handsome brute is a real garden show-off, the massive blooms, elegant form and warm colors add a very distinctive touch to the garden. The complex genetics of PARAMOUR offers a unique opportunity for breeders of dormant daylilies with size and elegant form. Very modest 2 and 3 way branching with 18 to 22 buds but produces many scapes throughout the season. (Curt Hanson purple seedling x Debbie's Vows seedling) $35 DF

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  • Lemon Moon Shadows (T98GD) Tetraploid

    Lemon Moon Shadows

    31" Tall, 6" diameter, M, dormant bright lemon yellow with fringed edge. I love bright yellows as they are like beacons in the garden. LEMON MOON SHADOWS is a beautiful yellow but the bright happy color and exotic fringed edge are only part of the package. The most unique feature of LEMON MOON SHADOWS is the smoky faded eye pattern that appears occasionally. One day you will have a clump covered with bright yellow fringed blooms without a hint of other colors except for the deep green throat and the next day all of the blooms will display a smoky rose eye pattern and an orange tinge to the fringed edge. Either way LEMON MOON SHADOWS is a very distinctive daylily with great 4-way branching, high bud count and fertile both ways. With a full formed red with an eye pattern as a pod parent and a bright yellow w/fringed edge as the pollen parent LEMON MOON SHADOWS offers unique breeding opportunities for the hybridizer. (KING BOREAS X LIGHTEN UP) $25

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  • North Wind Curly Joe (D99F1) diploid

    North Wind Curly Joe

    48" tall, 8"+ diameter, M, dormant, Unusual form (cascading) Named more for its twisting gently curling flower habit than its slap stick personality CURLY JOE is a graceful cool influence in the garden. A very soft clear pastel pink fading to cream and then to green in the throat CURLY JOE is simply gorgeous. Although CURLY JOE is nothing like its raucous sibling NORTH WIND MOE nor as bold as its fellow Amigo NORTH WIND LARRY, CURLY JOE is not without its own personality. More like its pod parent NORTH WIND DANCER, CURLY JOE is elegant and distinguished. Bigger and with a much softer more pastel color than the DANCER, CURLY JOE twists and curls gracefully and can never stand still even in the softest breeze. Great branching and high bud count CURLY JOE is fertile both ways and I cannot wait to see the next generation. (NORTH WIND DANCER X SUSAN WEBER) DF $60

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  • North Wind Larry (D98AH) diploid

    North Wind Larry

    45" tall, 7"+ diameter, dormant, M, Unusual form (cascade) What a character! Ruffled yellow with delicate beige overlay, normally in daylilies beige means a dull muddy color, not with LARRY. LARRY'S color is always bright and pretty and attention getting. Attention getting is the thing that the Amigos do the best. LARRY constantly displays multiple blooms on tall well branched scapes. Wide 4 and 5 way branching display these huge blooms without crowding. Despite displaying multiple blooms day after day LARRY has a remarkably long bloom period sending up scape after scape. LARRY is the only really hardy cultivar I know out of MARKED BY LYDIA, fertile both ways and a great pod setter. NORTH WIND LARRY offers unique genetics to the hybridizer (NOEL WESTON X MARKED BY LYDIA) $40

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  • North Wind Moe (D99F3) diploid

    North Wind Moe

    42" tall, 7"+ diameter, dormant M, Unusual form (pinched crispate) Always the leader! MOE'S hot, hot, hot clear pink color on tall widely branched scapes draws visitors from across the garden like a beacon. Flaring flamboyantly above the foliage the hot pink color takes center stage over its more subtle assets such as the delicate pale eye-zone over a deep green throat, the wide 4 and 5 way branching amazing high bud count and healthy green foliage. Fertile both ways Moe is a dramatic center piece to any garden. (NORTH WIND DANCER X SUSAN WEBER) $50

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  • Raspberry Bling (T99ES) Tetraploid

    Raspberry Bling

    31" Tall, 6" diameter, M, dormant, Re, raspberry red with a bold white edge, green throat and elegant form. Elegant ruffling and gorgeous plant habit, RASPBERRY BLING may become the gold standard for dormant elegance. Beautiful 4 way branching but only modest bud count of mid 20's that allow multiple blooms to be displayed without interference. One of the longest bloom periods of any daylily I grow RASPBERRY BLING has always displayed continuous bloom scapes. Fertile both ways ((REMEMBERING JOAN X (BELA LUGOSI X CHANCE ENCOUNTER)) SOLD OUT FOR 2010

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