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2008 Intros

  • Captain Jack

    Captain Jack

    (Schaben 07) T01A1 (Julie Newmar X Pioneer Panache) 29” M 7” Dor. Dramatic Bi-tone with cream lavender to light violet sepals and dark violet purple petals with darker veining. Huge green to chartreuse throat with a multi colored eye zone of rich blue, slate gray and purple etched with darker violet. Like a pirate JACK always looks a bit scurrilous but vainly ornate with baubles of gold, silver and white sharks teeth a very dramatic daylily with nice 3 way branching and a bud count of over 20. A powerful parent both ways for tet unusual forms w/dramatic edges. Dble fan $50

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  • Hakuna


    (Schaben 07) D99H2 (Lavender Blue Baby x North Wind Dancer) 50” MLa 5” Dor. Rich violet purple with blue blush watermark above a very large chartruese darkening to olive green throat. A very special bloom on an extra special plant. This may be the best daylily I have produced with rich healthy blue green foliage cascading away from tall ridgid scapes displaying 6+ branches and tons of buds. The hybridizing potential is staggering with all of the great genetics of two great parents and expressing its vigor and healthy plant habit so strongly, fertile both ways h. HAKUNA MATATA is truly worry free and promises to be a parent of some amazing, vigorous, distinctive seedlings. double fans $75

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  • Hay Ride Kisses

    Hayride Kisses

    (Schaben 07) T97GM ((Chris Salter x Minnesota Morning) x Alaqua) 28” M 5” Dor. Bright orange pink with rich darker medium pink lipstick eye over a deep green throat and orange edge. A very happy flower with such a pretty aura nicely branched (3 way) with 20 to 24 buds and fertile both ways. Maybe it’s the healthy green foliage, maybe it is the soft warm colors or the crisp eye and edge and maybe it is a combination of everything but over the years everytime I have evaluated this charmer I have always thought of those wispy memories of youth and innocence, church picnics and Saturday night hayrides. Just a wonderful addition to the garden. Double fans $50

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    Last updated: Mon, 08/30/2010 - 16:06

  • Morning Thunder

    Morning Thunder

    (Becker-Schaben 07) Jt01BQ (((Argyle Sox x T. Janice Brown) x Curt Hanson seedling) x Magic Amethyst) 41” M 6” Dor. What an amazing medley of colors! MORNING THUNDER reflects the 3 generations of my nephew, John Becker’s quest for blue. I would not consider MT to be a true blue, I do believe it is a wonderful step forward in that direction. This year it was grown in a great deal of shade and in that shade the blue hues were strikingly noticeable but in the bright morning sunlight the pinks and more orchid colors became dominate. Tracing its parentage tells the story of MT’s wonderful pastiche of colors. The subtle integration of lavenders, pinks, orchids, violets and purples have all blended to produce this strikingly beautiful daylily that is virtually on the cusp of new horizons in color. 3 and 4 way branching, gorgeous blue green foliage. Fertile both ways. Dble fan $75

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  • Our Friend Craig

    Our Friend Craig

    (Schaben 07) T99R2 ( Concrete blonde x Just Another Yellow) 32” M 6” Dor. Rich saturated lemon yellow with lavish green highlights and a huge green throat. Many very knowledgeable daylily people that were on the national tour exclaimed that they had never seen a daylily that is as green as OUR FRIEND CRAIG, I certainly haven’t. This is a sibling cross and I am tempted to cross it to itself to tighten the genetics even more, exploiting all the magnificent characteristics of this very unique daylily. incredibly heavy, wax like substance with deep pleating in the petals, fragrant, a very extended bloom, nice 3 way branching, 18 to 24 well spaced blooms, rich healthy dark green foliage, a great opener in any weather or condition, and certainly not last nor least VERY TASTY! I am not kidding I would grow this one for salads alone as it is the sweetest daylily I have ever tasted with absolutely no hint of an after taste. Fertile both ways a clump of OUR FRIEND CRAIG is like a well designed bouquet meticulously groomed, a very carefree and healthy plant habit. Double Fan $100

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  • Prairie Home Companion

    Prairie Home Companion

    (Schaben 07) T97eo ( Nosferatu x Red Suspenders) 48” M 7” Dor. Pretty pale yellow pinched crispate with huge blooms on a huge plant. PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION presents a commanding presence with lush rich blue green foliage and massive scapes holding huge blossoms well over the foliage. This is the type of daylily that belongs in every garden setting. A dramatic vertical impact. I have questioned the parentage of this one ever since it bloomed, thinking a bee might have been the culprit but I have gotten yellows from Red Suspenders in the past, just not as dramatic as this one. Fertile both ways, if you are looking for a parent to put substance in your unusual forms or a breathtaking accent to your garden PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION is the answer. $50

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  • Tall Annie

    Tall Annie

    (Becker-Schaben 07) JT01CJ (( Chance Encounter x Remembering Joan) x Seattle Dreaming) 40” M 5” Dor. Very tall, incredibly well branched, 6 way plus with 45 buds. Cerise red with lighter water marked eye above a rich green throat. TALL ANNIE is a remarkable daylily and part of my nephew John Becker’s red program that is producing some great reds with tremendous branching and high bud counts. Grown in pretty heavy shade this year I did not find the color to be as bright as in years past with more sun. Fertile both ways. Double fan $50

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  • Waterdale Waltz

    Waterdale Waltz

    UF (cascading) dip dormant (North Wind Dancer x Watchyl Lavender Blue) 45" Tall 7 “ bloom (11” wingspan) ratio from 3.6 to 1 to 4.6 to 1. Three way branching, 18 buds. Rich violet purple with blue overtones and a huge green to chartreuse throat expanding out to a chevron eye pattern. Beautiful unusual form, it seems to always take a distinctive posture in the garden. “You are not a real spider” I say to it as I pass by in the garden, and it just bounces merrily on the breeze,” Real spiders have 8 legs or are at least a 5 to 1 ratio if you are a flower” and it continues to bounce and look amazingly like a real spider with menacing tendrils. “Wannabe” I think to myself as I pass by but I swear I heard a voice on the wind mumble something about a Miss Muffet. Fertile both ways but reluctant pod setter. double fan $60

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    Last updated: Mon, 08/30/2010 - 15:56

  • Wisteria Lane

    Wisteria Lane

    (Schaben o8) Tet ( ( red sdlng x Elegant Candy) x (Debbie’s Vows x Elegant Candy) 5 3/4” dor M 25” nice 3 way branching with 18 to 24 buds. Pale pastel cream peach with dark green throat and very elegant round ruffled form very pretty front border plant with gorgeous deeply scalloped ruffles. Fertile. Double fan $30

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  • Wobgone Gal

    Wobgone Gal

    (Schaben 07) T98JP2 ((Forever Island x(Exotic Candy x Angel’s Smile))30” EM 6” Dor. Pretty in Pink is the best way to describe this charmer, with pastel baby ribbon pink petals and huge flaring eye zone with varying shades of darker pink and etched with a dark pastel red purple. Very distinctive lovely bloom and a great parent for vigor and patterns, interesting pinched sepals, 3 way branching and 15 to 20 buds but very floriferous with scapes coming continuously through the early season bloom. WOBGONE GAL has been a favorite since its first bloom, but then Lake Wobegon Minnesota is where the men are good looking, the women strong and the children all above average. Fertile both ways and one my most important pod setters for dormant patterned eyes. Dbl fan $50

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